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mama nurture


Katie Hamilton, LM, CPM, IBCLC

photo gallery

oldies but goodies oldies but goodies Familia 173692659 Adriana and her loving support team 173692660 Darcy and Jason welcome Elliette! 173692663 A Blessingway for a beautiful woman 173691440 Christina's Belly Art 173692662 Adriana and Justin meet King Julian for the first time! 173692664 Precious Times with my Coralie 173692666 Emma's Blessingway with my Doula Sisters 173692669 BINI birth trained with Ana Paula Markel 173692667 Ricki Lake thanks me for contributing a portion of my La Luna Mama sales to My Best Birth 173737673 Blooming Belly 173692668 Coralie Alice 173712118 Hosting the Nurse In at Boobiepalooza 173712119 Coralie Alice 173712120 My First Miracle 173712121 Hamilton Family 173730362 La Luna Mama necklaces 173730363 Christina soon to meet darling Carolina Lucia 175984590 Jill and Simion and the family celebrating Baby Alexa 177152910 Kiho and Alan jubilant after their VBAC! 177257275 Hosting Jenniffers Blessingway 177466685 Jenniffer and Kalen become a family of four with baby Isla 178365389 Elaine welcomes sweet baby Grace 179046639 Lucia and Henry welcome darling Amelia 179219061 A visit from Baby Isla! 179459654 Beautiful Amelia 179607396 Elliette's Baptism 179607537 Stephanie and Robert with sweet Natasha 181184840 Katherine in labor Katherine in her peaceful place. She stays on her birth ball in a deep relaxation, despite the intermittent hospital checks. 181186059 Quintana meets Olivia 181215707 Michael meets Olivia 181215708 One of my favorite OB's shows my client the placenta! 181216663 BINI Birth Sisterhood and wonderful mentor Ana Paula Markel 181216664 My little one's birth story and told by her big sister 181216665 Maya's Joyous Arrival!! 182876472 Sweet Andrei and his proud parents 183245517 Molly's serenity 184008250 got to the hospital ready to push! 184008251 Their sweet baby girl 184008252 Whitney and Hugh's long awaited arrival 184107781 My Childhood BFF. Proud to be her doula 184108468 Glowing Michelle! 185656684 Proud unmedicated mama! 186895296 Brittny's support team! 186895297 The doula and the nurse 186895298 Birth Center VBAC mama Mila 186895299 Natalie danced her baby down! 189984729 IBCLC 189984730 Christina overjoyed to meet her little girl 189984731 reassurance at home before arriving to the hospital 10cm 189984957 Baby Grace comes to visit! 189984960 The birth Jeanne envisioned! 189984961 Gazing at her precious girl 189984962 Joanna did it! 189984963 A lovely postpartum visit with Ivy 189984964 Who says doulas and doctors don't get along? 189984965 nothing like a dedicated partner! 190004231 Courtney glowing! 190849445 Sara surrenders 190849446 Overjoyed! Stephanie and Marlon 190849447 Anna did it her way! 191324201 Sheryl-such a strong mama! 191408828 park day with sweet Sayaka and Anthony! 191505074 Happy 6 weeks Elliott! 191505075 Amelia! Skin to Skin and Doula in the OR! 192394394 Alana and Brian Meet Lochlann So much Love! 192799752 Proud Shoshana! 193035964 Nicole finally welcomes Baby William 193592310 Kimberly glowing! 194687780 Bodhi meets his parents! 197801835 Kristin and Dr. Ishimaru 197801836 Beautiful Laura-Walk for Layla 197801837 Daisy's Home Birth. Love all around 197801838 Dr Berlin saves the day! 197801839 Phoenix Stellanova and I at La Leche League Park Day 197801840 Nicole hydrating in labor 197801841 Meeting Baby William 197801842 Diego is here! 197801843 Bodhi's first gaze! 197801844 Jacqueline's home water birth of Coral 197801845 Mia and David working together 197801846 Visiting Baby Winter! 197801847 Matilda comes to Park Day 197801848 Reunion with Anna! 197801849 Mia and David with baby Diego finally in their arms 197801850 Dr. Moran. A Gem. 197801851 Denise and Ashim. Middle of the night JOY! 197801852